E-commerce BRANDS spreading the ❤ to those impacted by covid-19 on april 16th


Q: As an e-commerce company, we’ve also seen a drastic decline in sales. Should we participate?


A: While we could never put ourselves in your shoes, we can list some potential benefits for you to consider as you decide what’s best for you and your business:

  • Do Good: #Carts4Hearts provides a real-world opportunity for e-commerce brands to give back to those most impacted during this crisis. 
  • Retain Employees and Move Inventory: This could be a great opportunity to move surplus inventory that is moving slower because of the crisis. #Carts4Hearts provides a real opportunity to increase your cash flow and potentially bridge a gap so you can continue to pay your employees until you can adjust to the new marketplace. 
  • Earn Great Media: It’s a great opportunity to do some good and engage directly with your charity of choice. Plus, you can reach out to local media, share your efforts, and encourage others to join. Our goal is to earn national media attention for all brands participating in #Carts4Hearts and to highlight the charities to which they will be donating.
  • Win-win-win: It’s a win for the charity/GoFundMe you choose to help, a win for the customers who can shop for products at discounted prices, and a win for you and your team to help move product, gain new customers and media, and retain your employees.

Q: If our brand participates, do we need to send an email to our email list?

A: Yes, but just one on the morning of the campaign on April 16th. All participating brands will send one email the morning of the sale (Thursday, April 16th) notifying their email list about the sale and their donation details. The email must include the URL to www.Carts4Hearts.com so all brands participating and charities involved receive visibility. Follow the link below for an example of the email template brands will be using on Thursday morning.

Q: If our brand participates, are we required to share on social media?

A: Brands are not required to share on social media (we’re only asking all participating brands to share via email), but if you would like to share with your followers on any platform (i.e. IG Story, IG Post, Facebook, Twitter), please feel free! Downloadable logo images can be found here should you need them. 

Q: Should our sale be in the form of a discount code or an automatic discount?

A: Most brands will create a discount code (i.e. CARTS4HEARTS) so they can easily track sales on April 16th. Please make sure to share this code in the form when signing up (question #4). If you prefer to not use a discount code and let your sale apply automatically at checkout, that works too – just please indicate that when you sign up. Please ensure you can track your sales accurately so you know what to donate once the campaign is over.

Q: How can we help get media attention to Carts4Hearts?

A: If willing, send a Press Release or email to your local newspaper and local TV stations to share your involvement in the #Carts4Hearts campaign along with your sale and charity details. Please also include the www.Carts4Hearts.com URL in any outreach so all participating brands and charities receive visibility. Many will want to cover your participation and potentially feature your campaign on the local news/in local papers. Here's an example of an email you can send to local media.

Q: I don’t know what organization to donate to, do you have any suggestions?

A: There are countless organizations and GoFundMe’s that are working to help those who have been impacted by COVID-19, including organizations helping individuals recently laid off, GoFundMe’s working to supply PPE’s to healthcare workers on the front line, and charities and food banks stepping up to ensure the homeless and underprivileged children are taken care of during this difficult time. Find an organization that you think is doing some serious good during this crisis.

Here are a few great examples (but pick whichever cause you are most passionate about!): 

Q: Is there a set percentage we need to offer for the sale and donation to participate?

A: There is no set percentage, and it is completely up to you and your business. That said, we are encouraging brands to offer the best sale they can to their customers and match that percentage in donations based on sales that day. The most popular sale range will be between 10% and 15% with an equivalent % of sales in donations on 4/16. For example: “On April 16th, we will be offering X% off sitewide with code XX and will be donating X% of sales generated with code XX that day to X charity.” But your sale and donation are totally up to you and your business! Only you know what makes sense for your business. We just encourage you to communicate your deal and donation clearly to your customers and to us (using this link) so we can share on the website and with media. 

Q: When should we make the donation after the sale is over?

A: As soon as possible. We are encouraging all participating companies and brands to make the donation they committed to make within seven days of #Carts4Hearts .

Q: Will we need to communicate our results?

A:  Yes. We will follow up with a form to upload the amount you donated to your charity of choice.

Q: This all sounds great - how do we join in?

A: Just follow the link below! Once we have your information confirmed, we will add your logo and sale/donation information to the website!